Annton                 Medical Record Trolley



    The Annton medical record trolley is designed to hold up to 6' (180 cm) of filing in a strong yet easy to push trolley specifically designed for the Medical Record environment. The medical record trolley is compact, give support for the filing & are easily manoeuvred..


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Medical record trolley is manufactured by ourselves on our own premises and are a quality product designed to be the most efficient transport system on the market. For further information click on the  buttons or the menu for further information on the different types of medical record trolley.

    Key Benefits

  • Our medical record trolley is robustly constructed but easy to use.
  • Designed by the end users in a Medical Record departments our Trolley suit the environment.
  • Economical to buy but lasts for years.


Plastic Clips
Look at our own file fitting. It gives the best way of holding the papers within the file, with all the advantages of a lever arch file without the bulk.




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